Warner Bros. studios and Oscar-winning director Mel Gibson are teaming up to make an epic film about the Maccabean Revolt. The film, which will be produced and possibly directed by Gibson, will focus on the life and achievements of the ancient Jewish hero Judah Maccabee who led the successful second-century B.C.E. Jewish revolt against the Seleucid kingdom.

We are excited about this film because Mel Gibson is a filmmaker who is known to do serious historical research before casting,staging, or spinning the film. We are just 20 miles away from the ancestral home of these brave resisters and liberators of the Jews. The intertestamental period, or the time between the testaments, is a period of approximately 400 years. While the ancient prophets were silenced during this period, it was anything but silent historically.

Keep watching for more details. The film will likely be a graphic depiction of the Jewish struggle to cast off the yoke of oppressive, imperialist armies during the Greco-Roman period of ancient history of the Middle east.

This will be a film for the stout and brave of heart!